Paries Johnson is  co-creator of JPF Flooring & soon to be JPF Cleaning, a family owned and operated prodct retail and installation service business.

In March 2015 she took the leap of faith into the business world after several years at WestJet.  The husband and wife duo thought there would be nothing better than to grow the already running flooring installation company into Calgary's trade scene.

Business runs through this Calgary girl and she loves to share her story, that being an entrepreneur is possible.  Her story shares the everyday struggle of working in the corporate world and what it took to step out in the unknown with no boss......and no pay cheque!

In her story "Be the lioness in the crazy business jungle," Paries talks about how most of us have heard metaphors for living western life.  Comparing Lions and tigers chasing you in the Sahara Desert seems extreme but when your heart is racing in a business meeting or when the government comes knocking, honestly, what is the difference.

Paries hopes her story brings forth those who wish to step out into their destiny, be that business or whatever you dream of.  Be the Lioness and not the Lamb!!