A special evening with Tammy Nicoll, a psychic medium.
We are so excited for our next WILD Night on January 17th as we will have Tammy Nicoll as our guest speaker. Tammy is a medium who is truly genuine and gives so many people peace with her ability to share messages from loved ones who have passed.
Tammy will share the story of her journey from a small office where she could close the door to the world - to speaking in front of 100 plus people to connect to the other side.  Following that  she will be doing a group reading for those in attendance.
Through her own healing journey of grief at the young age of 9, her purpose in life now is to connect as many people as she can to the other side for the purpose of helping people through grief.
Tammy holds 2 large events each year and also available for private home group readings. I have attached a link to Tammy's Facebook page.  Tammy Nicoll – Medium

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