Gypsy Dreams

CHANTAL BAUMANN PLOWMAN offers the amazing book. Gypsy Dreams

Cryptic dreams, intuitive messages and discovering a gypsy heritage are things Cheraine Valenta could never have imagined being part of her life. At 27, her life's ambitions have developed around her career as a tax lawyer and her hobby of traveling to exotic locations. Unexpectedly, a recurring dream disrupts her normal existence. It haunts her until she is guided to uncover a secret from her past. As the reality of her past emerges, it changes the course of her life. She begins a quest that leads her to the Czech Republic.

Here she finds clues that reveal the truth about the life and untimely death of a young Gypsy woman. Cheraine's search for the truth about this woman's life brings with it unexpected romance and danger. Gypsy Dreams will lead you on a page-turning journey of intrigue, romance and self-discovery. It is sure to satisfy any reader looking for an intoxicating adventure.



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