From From Skeptic to Miracle Mindset: A Psychologist’s Personal Journey of Intuitive Development and Spiritual Awakening  

Katie will share her own personal journey from initial skepticism to learning to listen to and develop deep trust in her own intuition. Katie has helped thousands of clients in their own healing journey and is passionate about helping others to learn to listen to and connect with their own gifts. Katie will share common myths about intuitive abilities and tips and strategies to help you to learn to listen to and trust in your own inner guidance.

Short Bio:

Katie Turner is a psychologist, speaker and intuitive guide and believes in a holistic approach to healing. Katie had worked with thousands of client’s through her psychology practice.

Katie speaks on the psychology and spirituality of creating change and offers workshops and groups to help sensitive souls embrace their gifts and thrive in the world.

Learn about the science and spiritual of creating change at katieturner. ca